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United States Manufacturers' Representative Sales Agent - Electrical Wire & Cable, Industrial Technology, and PPE Supplies
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We represent Francis Cable Systems for MC & AC Cable, UL Listed and made in the USA. Contact us today if we can help with your project!

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We are ramping up quickly as Spring has sprung in the electrical construction industry. We are seeing a lot of action when it comes to electrical wire and cable of all types. 600 Volt Building wire is always a fast mover making up most of the wire & cable sold in the USA, but we have seen quite a...

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We just published a blog about helping you find the cheapest place to buy your electrical wire. As a manufacturers representative we have a lot of experience in helping our customers buy electrical wire & cable for the best deal possible. We are in business to help factories sell wire and to hel...

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New cards came in today. When you're a kid you dream of having your own baseball card someday for sports. When you grow up it's just as exciting to get a brand new business card. Pretty cool!

We work to pay for dog food for rescued pups. Stella had a broken leg and was very sick when we rescued her, of all the rescue dogs she will find any place she can to lay down and take a nap. #DogLife

An important question that you may be asking yourself. What is a Manufacturers’ Rep Agency?
While most of our customers work with Manufacturers’ rep agencies on a daily basis it seems that not everyone has a really good understanding of what a rep agency really is. You’ll read this to learn what ...

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Winter has arrived to our customers in the northern United States. When it comes to emergency storm response you can always count on Unique Sales Agency and the electrical manufacturers we represent for your wire & cable needs. When bad weather rears it's ugly head we're here to respond for you a...

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Why is there a wire & cable manufacturing footage tolerance?

As a manufacturers representative sales agent at Unique Sales Agency LLC and factory wire & cable expert at USA Consulting I get the question of "Why is there a footage tolerance when manufacturing cable?", often.

It can be many times...

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7 months ago
Fast quote and great customer service! I needed a quote for a school project, and they were able to get me everything I need in a timely manner even though they knew I wasn't planning on buying. The sales rep was friendly and willing to help through phone and email.
- Josh S
7 months ago
The process of getting the cables I need was so easy, especially with Brand on the other side helping me. His patience and helpfulness made my experience here a place where I will come back for more cables in the future. I appreciate it all!
- Hussein B
7 months ago
Extremely fast response time, very helpful, and happy to help answer questions about my project. A special thank you to Brand Jonseck for taking the time to get me quotes on the spot. Highly recommended.
- Tyler M

Top U.S.A Manufacturers' Representative

Welcome to Unique Sales Agency!

Please review our 2021 Line Card available for download via PDF:  USA LINE CARD

Unique Sales Agency, LLC (USA), is a leading Manufacturers Representative serving customers in the United States as well as a global customer base.

When you work with USA, your order is factory-direct from start to finish. Manufacturing, Shipping, and Billing are all direct from the manufacturer to you. 

Again, USA is NOT a reseller, broker, or distributor. 

We are a factory-direct manufacturers’ representative, proudly representing over 20 manufacturers, selling Industrial Technology  / Electrical / Electronic / and Medical Supplies such as Wire, Cable, Connectors, Conduit, PPE Safety Supplies, LED Lighting, industrial equipment, electronic components, and much more. 

Still wondering what a manufacturer's representative is? 

Our industry-leading manufacturers together make over $7 Billion dollars in annual sales revenue, and we most likely rep a company that carries the product you need right now. We are the best manufacturer's rep in the U.S.A. when you need to buy quality bulk industrial products at a great price.

Representing the Finest Manufacturers in the World:

Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers

For more information on USA please view our PDF Line Card:  



  • Aluminum Building Wire  (XHHW, XLP-USE, THHN, Bare Aluminum)
  • AC Cable  - Armor Clad Cable
  • Copper Building Wire  (THHN, XHHW, XLP-USE, Bare Copper)
  • Coaxial cable – used for radio frequency signals, for example in cable television distribution systems.
  • Communications cable
  • Direct-buried cable
  • Flexible cables
  • Heliax cable
  • High-Voltage Cable
  • High Voltage Wire
  • Non-metallic sheathed cable (or nonmetallic building wire, NM, NM-B)
  • MC Cable - Metallic Cable  (Steel or Aluminum Interlocked Armor)
  • Medium Voltage Cable
  • Medium-Voltage Wire
  • Metallic sheathed cable (or armored cable, AC, or BX)
  • Multi-conductor / Multicore cable (consist of more than one wire and is covered by cable jacket)
  • Multi-Paired cable – Composed of two individually insulated conductors that are usually used in DC or low-frequency AC applications
  • Portable cord – Flexible cable for AC power in portable applications  (SOOW, SJOOW, and all other types)
  • Ribbon cable & Flat Ribbon Cable – Useful when many wires are required. This type of cable can easily flex, and It is designed to handle low-level voltages.
  • Shielded cable – Used for sensitive electronic circuits or to provide protection in high-voltage applications.
  • Single conductor cable (from time to time this name is used for specialty wire)
  • Submersible cable / Submersible Pump Wire
  • Submarine Cable  (Submarine Power Cable)
  • Twinax cable  (Belden Equivalents)
  • Twin-lead – This type of cable is a flat two-wire line. It is commonly called a 300 Ω line because the line has an impedance of 300 Ω. It is often used as a transmission line between an antenna and a receiver (e.g., TV and radio). These cables are stranded to lower skin effects.
  • Twisted pair – Consists of two insulated wires. It resembles a paired cable, except that the paired wires are twisted


  • Galvanized Steel Strand (EHS)
  • Guy Wire
  • Tracer Wire  (Solid)

Electrical Wire & Cable Sizes

  • 6000 MCM    (The largest cable size in the world)
  • 5000 MCM
  • 4000 MCM
  • 3000 MCM
  • 2000 MCM
  • 1000 MCM
  • 750 MCM
  • 600 MCM
  • 500 MCM
  • 400 MCM
  • 350 MCM
  • 300 MCM
  • 250 MCM
  • 4/0
  • 3/0
  • 2/0
  • 1/0
  • 1 AWG
  • 2 AWG 
  • 3 AWG
  • 4 AWG
  • 6 AWG
  • 8 AWG
  • 10 AWG
  • 12 AWG
  • 14 AWG
  • 16 AWG
  • 18 AWG
  • 20 AWG
  • 22 AWG
  • 24 AWG
  • 26 AWG
  • 28 AWG
  • 30 AWG
  • 32 AWG
  • 34 AWG
  • 36 AWG
  • 38 AWG
  • 40 AWG
  • 42 AWG
  • 44 AWG

Electrical Wire & Cable Industry Resources:

    Manufacturers Rep Wire & Cable

    When it comes to serving you in all types of electrical, non-electrical, and electronic wire & cable Unique Sales Agency is your best resource to buy every type of wire and cable you can imagine. 

    If you are not sure if we can help with something specifically, please contact us and ask. We represent over 20 manufacturers that encompass over 98% of products manufactured so we probably can help with what you're working on. If we can't we know exactly where you can get what you need and will be happy to help you. Give us a call or send in a quote request above. 


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